Ain’t a thing wrong with bein’ an OG!

Buttercream Swirl

I’m on the path to boujie! Chocolate + buttercream!

Cookies & Cream

Guilty as charged. I’m the cookie monsta!


Toasted to perfection with that “campfire experience!”

Caramel Espresso

I need some CAWFEE! Better make it boujie!

Raspberry Cream Cheese

Raspberry + Chocolate! You betchya they go together!

Chocolate Mint

Yeah… you smelt it! I had Italian for lunch. Gimme two!

Salted Caramel

Feeling salty? You probably need this. Just sayin’…

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Life’s better when it’s a little sweet + spicy!

Extreme Peanut Butter

Peanut butter spooners, this is YOUR brownie!

Slap-Shot® (S’mores + PB)

When that “campfire experience” crushes the PB!

Puppy Chow

Order Six, you only get this puppy twice a year!

Brookie Dough (Cookie Dough + Salted Caramel)

The Salted Caramel and I are built different! Just sayin’

Signing Bonus™ ($100K)

Double the caramel, double the crunch! Better make it six-figs!



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